The state of artificial intelligence in 2019, now more than ever, adds both simplicity and complexity at the same time.

Advances in data analytics make even the most complex customer journey mapping processes easier than ever before, yet many marketers remain in the dark. This creates an interesting paradox, since the increasing number of breakthrough marketing technologies & tools such as machine learning and ai, simplifies much of the data collection and analysis process it also can create complexity as marketers struggle to integrate data and delivery mechanisms across an increasingly diverse marketing technology stack.

Not only do marketers have the challenge of adopting and integrating new technologies within the marketing stack, marketers also have the combined challenge of developing and executing strategies that leverage the advancements that the new technologies bring. In order to do so, marketers must first become familiar with the benefits of emerging technologies and how to use them. Emerging technologies present advantages across multiple marketing disciplines such as paid and owned media including, customer journey mapping, SEO strategies, email marketing, programmatic marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, and marketing automation. Which means that in order to develop and execute strategies that leverage the benefits of the emerging technologies, marketers must either possess both broad and deep enough expertise across multiple marketing disciplines to integrate these strategies, and/or be able to bring together multiple experts to align on the benefit and approach of working together to adopt new technology solutions.

Being aware of both the benefits that machine learning and ai can bring and the many challenges that marketing leaders must overcome will help marketing leaders become the change agents of digital transformation.  Subscribe today to be notified when we publish the State of Ai in 2020 whitepaper to address these topics in more detail and to learn about how to realize the benefits of new Ai technology solutions and achieve maximum results.