Venture scanner compiles a quarterly report that tracks over 2000 Ai companies across 13 categories that include; Computer vision platforms, computer vision apps, smart robots, gesture control, speech recognition, machine learning applications, machine learning platforms, natural language processing, virtual assistants, recommendation engines, video recognition, context aware computing and translation. We are surprised that no marketing automation companies appear in the report!
The report also evaluates these companies based on age of company and size of funding in an “innovation quadrant”. The quadrant is made up of companies classified as either “established”, “pioneers”, “disruptors, or “heavyweights”. Interestingly there are zero “heavy weights” out of the 2000 companies evaluated, these would be companies that have long tenure in the industry, and the highest amount of funding.
The total amount of funding across the companies in the report is $48 billion.
Funding last quarter was at $6.5B across all categories which was more than twice the funding for the Q4 last year.
Interestingly, the Machine Learning Applications category consistently carried the most venture funding and received $5B of the $6.5B in funding last quarter compared to other categories.
The main highlights from the report were that funding amounts have increased +58% since last quarter, and the number of exists increased +25%. The count of investors in all deals decreased 2% since last quarter.
To view the report click here.